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Cheif Pine Leaf of Crow Tribe by Orkideh84

Lovely work on the grass here. The shading on the grass in this picture is particularly nice; I think in your Tomoe Gozen picture, this...

Tomoe Gozen by Orkideh84

First of all, I must say this drawing is really eye-catching! The colours go together very nicely and I absolutely love how you did all...



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Hong Kong
Laws student currently studying in Canada. I've been drawing as a hobby as early as I can remember, but only started taking it more "seriously" starting in 2012.

Feel free to talk to me! I don't bite :meow:

My Pixiv account:…
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LINE play: Ermek
Some of the entries here are reposted (and updated a bit, in some cases) from a previous journal entry, which, according to some people, never alerted people that I mentioned them! So hopefully, this time, you will also see these features (and it never hurts to feature you guys again, anyways).

This is just a small thank you gift to all of you wonderful people who have supported me this year (and the previous years!)

Ktoya: Thank you so much for your great, insightful comments about my work, especially on my original story! It's been such a joy reading your comments and I've enjoyed so much of the feedback you've given. And thanks so much for your tumblr spams, as well xD

Everyone, please check out her amazing gallery, especially her original story "Vera's Fate," which tells the story of a young Kievan Rus girl's adventures in the steppe. She's put a lot of effort into the character interaction and their designs and if you're interested in the Middle Ages especially, you should check out her great works:

Vera and Ilche (OCs) by KtoyaIndelible seal (OCs) by KtoyaTsogto fullarmored (OC) by Ktoya

My-Sword-is-Bigger: Dude, thanks so much for your GREAT comments! They're very fun to read and I am really flattered by the amount of detail you always put into your comments/critiques. 

She has an amazing original fantasy story, featuring two awesome characters, Ruso and Lovarion! Please check out some examples of her wonderful art below. She's spent a lot of time building up many aspects of her fantasy world and characters, and she also has some great writing in her gallery! Her usage of textures, atmosphere, and grasp of character interaction/dialogue is beyond reproach.

I promised I would never beg. by My-Sword-is-BiggerDat Sword by My-Sword-is-BiggerSo Much Protein There by My-Sword-is-Bigger

akitku Thank you so much for your insightful comments on the artistic/technical aspects of my art as well as on the plot/symbolism/etc. of my story! It's very much appreciated and I always look forward to your great comments. 

Please check out her amazing gallery, which has a lot of historical costumes and characters, especially of the Byzantine variety. She is very talented at watercolour, as well as digital media! Her attention to historical detail and environments is admirable. 

Almost Ready by akitkuByzantine Ladies by akitkuCave Canem by akitku

eternalwinters Dude, dude. xD We go all the way back to 2010. We were so lucky to have met that summer, when we were on that awesome trip to Europe. Thanks SO much for the feedback you always give me via Steam, on both my art and my writing (as well as some other things!).

She's got a ton of great stuff in her gallery, including some great animations! She's got some great fanart of various series as well, including TF2, MLP, and quite a number of animes (also Assassin's Creed).

ChaRiTy by eternalwintersMs. Green by eternalwintersRoyal Guards by eternalwinters

hoshizumi: We go all the way back, too. Man, we've known each other since ninth grade, when we were 14! It's so great that we're still such good friends to this day! :P I hope we can do more art together one day. Perhaps this can happen more often if we met in real life more often. xD

Everyone, she's got a good grasp of both anime and realism. Check out her various portraits and vectors!

Michael Ross by hoshizumiAll of Me: An Anthology by hoshizumiYamapi by hoshizumi

CutiePieLittleMe: My Amnesia friend, thank you so much for your great comments and review on my pictures. :) You're a great person to talk to and you always have so many creative ideas!

She has some great Amnesia fanart in her gallery, as well as some other creative pictures:

Amnesia comic test_Wilhelm the Brute (IMPROVED!) by CutiePieLittleMeAmnesia: The Dark Descent Storage by CutiePieLittleMePlanets in Space by CutiePieLittleMe

Gambargin: Dude, let me just say you are awesome. As a friend and as an artist. You give me, and so many of the people on this site, a lot of inspiration. 

He's got some amazing portrayals of women warriors, mostly inspired by history, but also some sci-fi pictures! He also includes a lot of historical facts and research in his artists's descriptions, so be sure to check those out as well!

Project ELISE - Future Woman Warriors by Gambargin by GambarginAhu Durquba of Sultanat Misr Al-Sarraviyah by GambarginAerye Hwang-Shi (Armored) of Jima Seon-Guk by Gambargin

PictureOnProgress: Dude, thanks so much for your comments on my work! Your thumbshare threads are always something I look out for, as previously stated :lol:

He's got some awesome video game-related drawings (mostly retro games) in his gallery and many, many original characters. Check them out!
N64 Rainbow road - Mario kart 8 by PictureOnProgressN64 Toad's turnpike - Mario kart 8 by PictureOnProgressI'm ready... Depression - The Spongebob movie by PictureOnProgress

Anonymyth: Thank you for all your support! 

Great grasp of colours, movement, and composition! Thanks for offering prizes for my contest, again. 

Paigeeworld Cup Contest Entry by AnonymythFlappy Bird by AnonymythCircles in the sky by Anonymyth

Orkideh84You've been such a great friend to me on dA for so many years! :hug: Your art is so unique and I love your historical-related works as well as your fanart :) Keep it up!

Artemisia - Warrior Queen of Persia by Orkideh84Modern World of Chaos by Orkideh84Queen Liliuokalani and Princess Kaiulani by Orkideh84

Uracca Love your portrayal of women warriors from history! You've a great style and can't wait to see more from you!

Empress of Byzantium by UraccaArtemisia I of Caria - Battle of Salamis 480 BCE by UraccaLady Ahu the Mameluk Warrior by Uracca

Pajunen Thanks for your support! Great photos and your composition is really inspiring!

Old bedroom by PajunenWinter in Helsinki by PajunenA summer day in Tallinn by Pajunen

blekimaru Always looking forwards to your new art and comments! Thanks so much for your great, insightful comments and sharing your work with me!

T 90 MS Tagil by blekimaruTigers and buffalo by blekimaruSumisugu Kobayashi by blekimaru

:iconguava-pie: Thank you for your support! You have wonderful art and great painting skills :)

Summer Spirit by Guava-PieLet's move away from the city by Guava-PieSolo by Guava-Pie

:iconunknownmarksman115: Thanks for your support, dude! I really like reading about your characters and story, too! Your characters are quite well-fleshed out and you've an interesting artistic style. 

wAkE uP pLeAsE by Unknownmarksman115The ''Other'' Nanako by Unknownmarksman115Meow? by Unknownmarksman115

:iconbricksandstones: Thank you so much for your support! It's always a pleasure to see your photos and the facts and stories you've included in the descriptions. I learn so much every time!

Deserts of France by BricksandStonesBorderlands transformed by BricksandStonesCreatures of the wilderness by BricksandStones

:iconheltinde: Thank you for your insightful comments and for offering the prizes for my humble contest!

Band of Brothers by HeltindeTale as Old as Time by HeltindeBreath of Life by Heltinde

:iconadelruna: Thank you for your support on both tumblr and dA and it's been a pleasure seeing your art on both sites. You've really got a grasp on realism and colours--keep it up! Thanks for offering prizes for the contest, too. 

inquisitor by adelrunapreserver of old glories by adelrunaElene by adelruna

:icondenzelajackson: Thanks for all your support! I always love your character concepts and how much soul and effort you put into each character. The expressions, textures, and composition are always so inspiring. 

Coming for Your Afro, Samurai by DenzelAJacksonCome On, Team by DenzelAJacksonI Am Going to Show You How Great I Am by DenzelAJackson

:iconabe70280: Thanks for all your support on my pictures :) I really appreciate it! I love your comic style and how consistent your art is. The linework, shading, and anatomy are very professional looking. Your photography is great, too!

Commission: Javidan Verse Nuin by abe70280Lake Magellan HDR by abe70280Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag fanart by abe70280
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